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I write about what I want and present it in a fashion I feel as best is at that time. I may or may not share personal details. I may or may not feel one way about something one day and differently on another. These opinions and perspectives may change over time and whatever is being read in older threads may not be how I feel about something later. All opinions are my own.


Dear Everyone:

This will be my last message in the #scuttleverse .

I'm having issues with a roommate who keeps downloading illegal movies and to prevent this, I have to block all peer-to-peer programs through my router. :rage: It's my house and my internet so I'm ultimately responsible. I've discussed this with the roommate, but I believe he unknowingly has software on his machine/devices that are causing this behavior.

His blatant denial of it though isn't helping and I don't have legal access to search and uninstall the background programs. The only way for me to prevent it right now is to block the peer-to-peer programs at the network level.

I also need to move my time to other things I've been lacking in life at this time. Which blows, because the #scuttleverse has been the first place where I've felt like maybe I've finally found a tribe.

I'm mad. Quite mad. And I'm sorry.

Thank you to everyone who supported me, encouraged me or let me otherwise engage.

You can find me at and

I don't have comments enabled on my website or an email list.


Thanks again everyone and I'm sorry.

Maybe in the future. May our paths cross.

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Not sleeping sucks. :weary: Just saying. My friend called last night. He's developed a pretty large fire to put out that's come at one of the most inconvenient times. I need to help him. I didn't sleep, trying to think of a better solution for something I already know the answer to:

I can take the necessary steps needed to prevent more damage to his finances, but it's not a fail safe. I know the risks.

Nope, I can't talk about and in theory, everything will be fine. There's always that 15% chance that it won't, and of course my brain really, really, really wanted to stay up and talk about all of the "what-ifs" in case it won't.

Fuck you anxiety.

Later, I'll feel about about saying the "F" word on peer-to-peer network. :eyes: I'm going to the office early.

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I have so many things I want to do. So many projects. Some that I'd love, and would actually bring me money (eventually). Dachary used to write novels. Both of us came down from our offices upstairs and had no energy for anything. There was so much we wanted to do. We ate bad food, because we didn't have the energy to make good food. We watched lots of tv, because we didn't have the energy to do much of anything else. We felt bad, about all the things we should have been doing, and the things we should have been eating, but weren't.

This, right here, describes my day's perfectly. I've been pushing -- working an hour in the mornings on various personal projects. Working an hour in the evening after work on the basement (but not every night) because as you mentioned -- just too tired.

There isn't time t make good food, exercise and just focus on that and still get personal projects done. I project I need two years off. Two months would give me just enough time to start wanting to "do my stuff" -- having to back full time would be bad for me at that point.

Most mornings, no breakfast -- I get it on the way to the office. Lunch? only if I have time to pack it, otherwise I buy it. Hate that. Moving forward on personal projects? Only if I keep doing what I'm doing.

Yesterday, I literally mentally put myself in a cabin in the woods I don't own and I just SAT there in SILENCE, vowing to never come out until I was done with "me". But of course, this ended once I pulled into the office parking lot.

I've seen ambulances turned into #RV builds. It will be a good fun project. :ambulance:

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