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thanks @Gergely Polonkai - this thread was mainly a guide for people with a 1 month old, or people who might be able to have a 1 month old (as a reference)

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@mixmix given the poop station is there i really miss the “diapers” section. If you use disposable diapers (i highly recommend during travels even if you use textile or similar things at home) you are good to go with a days worth of diapers as you can buy more on your way.

Also, you are heading to Europe and some parts here have a really varying weather. Be prepared for colder days when you have to dress more warm. Yes, even during summer time; as you are not at home where you can easily get a warm piece of cloth from the drawers, you better have a piece or two in your luggage.

And finally: TOYS! Even i, the funniest dad of all time (according to some important people like my daughter) become boring after an hour or so. You will stumble upon a bunch of playgrounds everywhere, but make sure you bring some of the favourite toys of the wee little one.

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cc @alanna this thread

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