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Voted **Seeking vimkeys for Patchwork** #jobs #vim #freesoftware #somebodyshould
Voted **Seeking WebRTC expert to build Remote Desktop-like tool with the ease of

Seeking vimkeys for Patchwork

#jobs #vim #freesoftware #somebodyshould #opensource

Something that makes browsers like Chromium and Firefox tolerable to me is the existence of add-ons like cvim and Vimium. The most obviously useful part is the link highlighting which greatly reduces mouse use:


These add-ons additionally feature a highly configurable status bar which makes it super convenient to create various shortcuts for different actions.

I would like to have something like this in #patchwork as soon as possible. Is anyone interested in building this who might also be able to successfully make the argument as to why it should be accepted into master? :grinning:

Re: %e98+NT40j

One further note:

To reduce the replication of infrastructure, it would be interesting if the Remote Desktop server could simply join any open WebRTC service as a kind of "bot". This might be similar to how a YouTube video can join a Jitsi Meet conference, appearing as yet another user in the room. It doesn't solve the who-can-play aspect e.g. the ability to pass the controls to someone else, but it would at least solve the initial use case. If that second part could be achieved by some pull requests made to the Jitsi Meet repo (or perhaps as a sort of remote desktop fork), I am all ears.


Seeking WebRTC expert to build Remote Desktop-like tool with the ease of Jitsi Meet

#jobs #webrtc #freesoftware #gaming #somebodyshould

I am interested in hiring someone to build this use case for me. Here is the overall user story:

Richard wants to play simple PC role playing games with his friends who live far away. He doesn't want to subscribe to a proprietary cloud gaming platform, he wants to use free software and his own hardware (or rented hardware of his choosing). He really likes the ease of Jitsi Meet, where a simple URL is passed along to his friends, enabling chat and video. If that experience included screen sharing with system audio, it would serve his initial needs. If it could be further extended to allow the passing of mouse and keyboard commands to another person in the room, it would be exactly what he wanted.

A few things are assumed here:

  • Action games probably won't be too playable, especially high-resolution, 3D-accelerated games
  • Audio-only + chat is okay, there is probably no need for video feeds for all participants
  • The security risks of such a design are understood by everyone involved.
  • There should be some emergency override key combo for the machine that runs the Remote Desktop server
  • The Remote Desktop "server" runs on #gnu/linux systems, the Web client runs on everything
  • The code would be released under the GPL if possible, otherwise to consider BSD/MIT/Apache-type licenses


I'd be happy to answer any general questions or go over ideas in this thread. If anyone is seriously interested in working on this for pay, please contact me by private message.

Voted The CryptPad team is looking for privacy-focused javascript developers...
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Subscribed to channel #jobs

The CryptPad team is looking for privacy-focused javascript developers...

See the blog post for more details. @mention me if you have any questions!

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