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Voted Okay we are creating a theme camp at the unofficial kiwiburn replacement ca
Re: %vSOvb4370

We have gotten tickets for maybe 3/4 of camp SolarSails

Re: %vSOvb4370

I was jet lagged just landing in NZ and forgot to buy a ticket. ;( Ooops. It's disappointing. If the tickets sell out in 5 minutes maybe there wasn't enough tickets.

Re: %vSOvb4370

Did everyone get tickets?

good question, considering tickets sold out in 5 minutes :sweat_smile:

Desmond provided tickets for me, @Zach!, and @Angelica! :dancer:

@dominic @rabble @anyone, are y'all planning to come and did you get a ticket?

Re: %vSOvb4370

Did everyone get tickets? We have Me, Juliet, Stig and Matt in our crew so far. Although afaict Matt is under high demand and might end up camping with someone else 😂

We have a li-on powered sound system, 300 watts of solar and will be bringing my camper + a space 120ah battery (the battery is a bit worn though so not sure what good it'll be for).

Voted ## SpiritVision ![241221_659137758384_100396338_o.jpg](&pmEvjp/q06C098JoZB
Voted [@rabble](@vzoU7/XuBB5B0xueC9NHFr9Q76VvPktD9GUkYgN9lAc=.ed25519): :fire: :h
Voted [@matt](@FbGoHeEcePDG3Evemrc+hm+S77cXKf8BRQgkYinJggg=.ed25519) if you camp

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