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Also tried them but ran into commands not beeing exposed somehow:

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Hey @dominic I'm getting into testing this finally. This is gonna be super rad. I got caught messing with my pub docker setup trying to get deps in place but then turns out someone (cel I think) is already offereing these new invites! (though it tooks 2 mins to resolve)

Regardless, here's some rough notes ot gotchas. I can execute a bunch of these changes if you move access of all 2 modules to SSBC (github + npm).

NOTES for ssb-user-invites

  • missing deps (in the case that you're running your own sbot, and not the CLI bin.js)

    • ssb-device-address depends on ssb-query
      • not mentioned in docs
      • has to be installed (user(require('ssb-user-identities')) AFTER ssb-query
    • ssb-user-invites depends on ssb-friends
    • might need to recommend a specific version of sbot if using bin.js
  • userInvites.create docs could be clearers / missing opts:

    • in docs: id, public, reveal, hops
    • in code: id, allowWithoutPubs, reveal, private, cap
  • manifest missing key methods:

    • userInvites.openInvite not exposed
    • userInvites.acceptInvite not exposed
  • rebrand ssb-peer-invites !

    • keen to move us from the food-ordering user to the co-chefing paradigm.
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