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Voted I had a call a few weeks ago with @w about my status on project (re: %ecWj6
Voted I had a call a few weeks ago with @w about my status on project (re: %ecWj6
Re: %Ylr4TEMOH

I had a call a few weeks ago with @w about my status on project (re: %ecWj6gQ...). In the 1-2 weeks left of the grant time I didn't feel I would be able to complete the goal of the project. I was encountering difficult to debug and reason about situations while trying to implement the blobs replication and I/O scheduling.
However, there are still some things I could try to do:

  • Implementing message signing and/or canonicalization, and verification, could be done orthogonal of I/O, and could be useful later. But I don't much of a use case for this.
  • Implement ssb-tunnel. An sbot not even implementing SSB replication but just the ssb-tunnel API, would be useful.
  • Implement client and server commands just for secret-handshake. This could be useful for building a sbot in a modular way, to have secret-handshake factored out into a separate process. It could also enable wrapping other protocols in secret-handshake.
Re: %i/CluNPnE

Neat, in that case I'd be very interested in seeing code (once you're comfortable with it and I figure out how to get git-ssb installed).

Re: %i/CluNPnE

@jaccarmac I'm using Clojurescript with shadow-cljs. Previously I tried Lumo, and just compiling to nodejs through figwheel with little success.

Voted I'd love to support a "closing the grant" post. i.e. where did it get to, w
Re: %i/CluNPnE

When I have more free time, I'll clean up the backend library and make it available for others. Not sure if there are many Clojure enthusiast here.

I do love me some Clojure, though it's been a while since I've written in it with any kind of regularity. Are you using Clojure itself or CLJS? I've been playing with shadow-cljs recently and though I haven't hooked it up to SSB yet that's something that's definitely on the radar.

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